Shanan Manuel, Owner/Chef

Feast & Gather is Nevada County's Organic, Non-GMO, Farm Sourced Catering and Full Service Events Provider, managed and operated by Chef Shanan Manuel.

Shanan has a true integrity and full commitment to local, organic, pastured, and sustainable food. She strongly believes that culinary professionals should hold the responsibility of providing exceptional quality & service, as well as an education about the food they serve and the way it is grown and prepared.

Shanan’s childhood was on a hippy homestead with parents who were true salt of the earth, land loving folks. She was seven years old when she won the first place in the Calaveras County Fair for her exceptional blueberry muffins. She used honey rather than sugar and added lemon zest. This was one of those defining moments as a budding chef to be.

This hippy homesteading was countered by her visits to her Southern Grandmother's house where she would be swept up the stairs the moment of arrival to be bathed, put in a pretty dress, and have her hair done. She was taught etiquette behavior and especially how to serve and eat at a formal table.

This magical duality in her early years has played perfectly into creating
Feast & Gather, where, both wild and elegant practices are combined to deliver exceptional food in an elegant and inspiring table, surrounded by friends and family.

Shanan’s culinary history includes a variety of experiences: working for a decade at Tutti Frutti Farms in Santa Barbara, developing a strong connection to the process of soil to plate; a development of a Specialty Market & Gourmet store for the farm; and, professional catering services from personal dinners, feasts and parties to retreats, culinary workshops and full size weddings.

Her creativity is emphasized at her Sponsored Special Events Productions such as: a “Street Banquet Table” at a closed street downtown Nevada City, offering a six high-quality, freshly harvested and locally sourced courses for 150 diners; and, a "Dining in the Dark," a sightless experience, where blindfolded patrons experience intimate and emotional culinary sensations in an adventures environment.



Tessa Cahill, Event Coordinator

Tessa Cahill is a Nevada County native who spent 15 years away while traveling, learning bread and pastry work in the bay area, then most recently spending a few years in France having a family. She has since returned to these magnetic hills with a passionate knowledge of the sweet side of the kitchen, along with how to make any kitchen, event or wedding run smoother. Her enthusiasm for detail is matched by her ability to listen and create events that mirror the wishes of our clients. She has worked for Brickmaiden Breads in Point Reyes and Blue Bottle Coffee Company in Oakland, followed by a 4 year stretch as a baker for Three Forks Bakery and Brewing Company here in Nevada City. Her time in France gave her (aside from two lovely children) a window into a more relaxed, ingredient-focused way of eating. The simplicity of the dishes and presentation were paramount, with minimal alteration and maximum enjoyment. Feast & Gather is a great conduit for Tessa’s kitchen knowledge to mingle with her skills as an organizer and coordinator.

Francesca, Chef

Raja, Lead Server