Feast & Gather is Nevada County's premier farm to table catering & full service events provider. We source organic, and/or local produce and meats that have been grown and raised by our nearby farms and ranches. 

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Shanan Manuel is an amazing chef who is in true integrity with her commitment to local, organic, pastured, and sustainable food. I am not only blown away by her recipes and presentation, but also to her honesty both in, and out, of the kitchen. Many claim organic, but Shanan delivers. Farm to table food, lovingly grown and prepared, with the taste to match.

Shanan Manuel has the gift. She embraces the art of creating truly unique events by utilizing her vast experience. Shanan fashions beauty in flavor. Approaching nourishment and pleasure with grace is her modus operandi. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had the pleasure of working with her in many facets. You will thank your lucky stars by having her on you team
— Megan McCollam, Polly's Paladar

I love getting to eat Shanan’s wonderful food, not only because it taste fabulous, but also because it is filled with her loving and nourishing energy. I think one of the most important ingredients in eating food that will support our body and happiness is the consciousness of the person creating it. Everything that Shanan cooks vibrates with care and consciousness. I’ve had the pleasure of eating her food for the last few years and I feel blessed!
— Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author, ‘Happy for No Reason’

Shanan is an incredible attribute to our events. Her creative, delicious food preparation was so wonderful to offer and to enjoy. She is easy to get along with, interested in pleasing and providing whatever we requested. She also was dedicated to working well within the environment and always made sure that I was happy with the kitchen after she was finished. She is a joy to work with and a pleasure to be around. I even changed my monthly juice fast so as not to miss her food once I discovered how great her food was. I highly recommend her.
— Terces Engelhart, Owner Café Gratitude


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